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Have a Yoda Bookend – How Incredible Is It?

A Yoda bookend is a decorative item that is used to hold books in place on a bookshelf. It typically consists of a figure or statue of the character Yoda from the Star Wars franchise, with one end of the figure designed to support the spine of a book and the other end resting against […]

Ledger Nano Case

Ledger Nano Case | Why Do I Need One?

You have just bought a Ledger Nano and you are afraid it may stop working? It can stop working and the best way you can protect it is with a Ledger Nano case. Here I will let you know what are some of the main characteristics a Ledger Nano case should have. Also, I will […]

Crypto Ticker WiFi

What is Crypto Ticker WiFi? Should I Have One?

A Crypto Ticker WiFi is a device that displays real-time cryptocurrency prices and other information over a WiFi connection. These tickers are often small, portable devices that can be placed on a desk or mounted on a wall, and they are designed to provide users with up-to-date information about the value of various cryptocurrencies. Learn […]

Bridge ADA into ETH

How to bridge ADA into ETH?

The blockchain world is made of various novel smart contract platforms, all competing to become the best. Each of them has its own tradeoffs and each of these platforms ends up being incompatible with the others. For the end-user, this reflects in not having interoperability within the most known blockchains such as Cardano, Ethereum, Solana, […]

MoonFlier Gadgets For All Investors

Actually, what is MoonFlier? Know it all now

Hey there, my name is Rafael Piloto, thank you for being here and for reading this. Together with my brother, we created 3D Piloto in March 2021 on Etsy. A few months later and with hundreds of sales with very positive reviews, we launched our online store and brand MoonFlier. As many new retail investors […]

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