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Bridge ADA into ETH

How to bridge ADA into ETH?

The blockchain world is made of various novel smart contract platforms, all competing to become the best. Each of them has its own tradeoffs and each of these platforms ends up being incompatible with the others.

For the end-user, this reflects in not having interoperability within the most known blockchains such as Cardano, Ethereum, Solana, etc. Here, we will let you know how you can bridge ADA into ETH.

Milkomeda protocol comes to the rescue by powering the first Cardano sidechain, named C1, which will be an EVM-based sidechain that uses milkADA (wrapped ADA which can be transferred from the Cardano mainnet to the sidechain).

What does this mean for end-users?

Well, it means that the Cardano exosystem will benefit from easy interoperability with the Ethereum blockchain and surely it will reflect in the quality and quantity of new projects in the newer future. But, that’s not all, you can now convert ADA into ETH without the struggle of relying on exchanges and its high (and sometimes hidden) fees.

So, how do I bridge ADA into ETH?

1. Install Flint wallet extension

2. Configure Metamask:

Select “Add Network” and add the following configuration:

Network Name: Milkomeda Cardano (C1)
Chain ID: 2001
Currency Symbol (Optional): MilkADA
Block Explorer URL (Optional):

Click on Save and you’re good to go

Configure Metamask
Configure Metamask

3. Add some funds to your Flint wallet
4. Send the funds to your ETH address with the Milkomeda Mode toggle enabled

ETH address with the Milkomeda Mode
ETH address with the Milkomeda Mode

5. Go to Milkyswap and convert your milkADA to ceWETH

Convert your milkADA to ceWETH
Convert your milkADA to ceWETH

6. Go to CBridge Celer Network and convert your WETH to the ETH blockchain

WETH to the ETH blockchain
WETH to the ETH blockchain

As you can see, the process to bridge ADA into ETH is not the most simple. However, for the people that have been around Cardano world, this is a game-changer and this is for sure only the beginning.

Let us know your opinion in the comments. If you love Crypto as much as I do, consider checking our coin tickers.


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