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Actually, what is MoonFlier? Know it all now

Hey there, my name is Rafael Piloto, thank you for being here and for reading this. Together with my brother, we created 3D Piloto in March 2021 on Etsy. A few months later and with hundreds of sales with very positive reviews, we launched our online store and brand MoonFlier.

As many new retail investors joined the market in 2020, we also did! Investing in ETFs, stocks, and throwing money to other To The Moon assets, we had and still have quite fun. That’s why we started creating some unique items that would help us in our path. In MoonFlier, we share them with everyone!

What is MoonFlier?

Yes, yes. Good story, Rafael. But, what is and why should I feel safe buying in this online store. There is a higher probability that, if you reach this, you are asking just this.

First things first, MoonFlier is an online store dedicated to all investors, from the most recent ones to the most experienced. We create and produce all items on a very small home scale in Portugal, so each one is unique in its way!
Also, we ship worldwide, always with a valid tracking code.

On the confidence side, we are already present on Etsy (with a few hundreds of sales) and eBay, always with really positive feedback.

Have you seen our Coin tickers?

Imagine not having to constantly open websites or apps to consult your crypto or stock prices. Imagine you had a relatively small, minimalist object that was constantly showing to you these prices. Yes, it is possible!

With some advantages from the ones, you see in the market. Our Coin Ticker and Stock Tickers look great and modern and include proprietary software and API developed by us. This way we are able to remotely update the service anytime needed so that it won’t ever stop working (like most out there!).

MoonFlier Purpose | Feel our energy

Our main goal is to create value for the community with the best investor gadgets, 3D printing content, and, who knows, maybe other types of content related to e-commerce.

Be kind, be motivated, and be YOLO (when you feel it is best for you)! 😀

Have a great day!


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